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Our Instructors

Personal Profiles

Although we don't like talking about ourselves, we have provided just a little information about our instructors:



Sifu Jok
Sifu Jok Sang

One of the good guys..

This site and Martial Arts style is in honour of the late Jok Sang. Jok was a kind and humble man with a very dark and mysterious past.

If you are going to war, Jok is the man you want on your side.

Jok... You made a big difference in all our lives, for that we..... Thank You

Sifu Steve
Sifu Steve

Always sleeps with one eye open, if you plan on waking him up... expect to be surprised... need I say more.

Steve currently lives in Bangkok teaching Natural Healing  and Martial Arts.

He has accomplished many things in life and we are sure he will continue to do so for many years to come.

Sifu Clive
Sifu Clive

The wise one..

What can we say..... with age... comes wisdom :-)

Clive currently lives on the internet and is the master mind behind the creation of this website, hence... "The Wise One".

Sifu Brad
Sifu Brad

A bad ass dude..

Don't let the smile fool you, nice on the outside but hard on the inside and when he is teaching, he will bring the best out of you but at a price... Effort & sweat and lots of it.

Brad currently lives in Gracemere.

Sifu Glenn

Sifu Glenn

The ugly one

Although everyone can't be blessed with good looks :-) Glenn will make you think, test your mental boundaries, martial arts is not just about the physical, it's about the mental aspect too.

Glenn currently lives in Rockhampton.

Sifu Paul

Sifu Paul

The illusionist

Hard on the outside - soft on the inside

Paul is like a big brother, he will always have your back and make sure no harm comes to you. What he lacks in hight he makes up for in heart.

Paul currently lives in Cairns.




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Sibon Dave

The evil and sadistic one...

If there is a harder, more difficult way of training, Dave will think of it, if you think you have seen it all, Dave will show you another.

Dave currently lives in a quite secluded location not far from Rockhampton.

Picture Pending

Sibon Kelvin

Don't under estimate this one.

Although Kelvin looks quite harmless, he can take a hit and give it back "with interest"

Kelivn currently lives in Rockhampton.

Picture Pending

Sibon Gavin