K UNG F U MARTIAL ARTS                                                                        A Way Of Life




‘‘A way of life’’ & ‘‘A way to live’’

Jok Sang Martial Arts was formed in the early 1990’s in Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia). The founding instructor Steve Burgess was taught by Sifu (Master) Jok, hence the name sake, “Jok Sang”.

Jok Sang Martial Arts studies a combination of Chinese Kung Fu referred to as Dim Muk & Hwa Rang Do & military survival training.

Martial Arts are widely studied in Australia for several reasons. Some of these incentives are: Fitness; self defence; self confidence; discipline training; and for social motives. Any of these purposes are good basis to join us.

Jok Sang Senior students have four active senior instructors, who alternate their roster and training methods to suit a variety of preferences and needs within the club.

Sifu Clive is the lead instructor for Kung Fu Kids, but can be alternated with Sifu Brad and Sifu Glenn and assisted by lower sash senior students as required for achievements for both the children and the seniors’ experience. (Seniors need to have experience in instruction to further their gradings.) All instructors are compliant as per requirements of CCYPCG Blue Card to work with children.

A uniform is not required for beginners. We do suggest loose fitting long pants and a comfortable shirt or singlet. Our uniform is black martial arts uniform (gi) pants and a black or grey t-shirt or singlet (gi pants and shirts with logo available on order from the club).

Achievements are graded as coloured sashes. Upon becoming a member you are recognised as a white sash. Your first advancement will be a yellow sash and onward and upward through gradings to Black sash. This process will be explained in more detail as progression is made.

We welcome new members. Jok Sang is open to children from school age and upward. Medical and physical limitations can be catered for in most circumstances and we welcome male, female, young and old alike.
Your trial lesson is free. Please, check out our website or contact us for any further information.